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What Could You do with a New Website?

You’ve landed here because you were referred by someone or a search engine led you to this page because you want the best website design in San Luis Obispo County. While there are many things you might look for in a web designer, such as an impressive web design, logo design or an excellent portfolio, one of the best ways to vet a web designer is to learn their story

Justin MorganHi, I’m Justin Morgan, a web designer and SEO expert invested in seeing the success of all of my clients.  I started Central Coast Digital Design years ago thinking that an attractive website was the way to increase sales for my customers.  I was wrong.  Over the years, I’ve come to realize that my client’s ideal customer isn’t searching on Google or asking friends for service referrals to simply land on a pretty website designed in San Luis Obispo County.  Ideal customers want a website that answers their questions, they want a web design that engages them, they want a website that solves their problems and either educates or entertains them enough to know, like and trust a brand.  This is what develops real business relationships! Your website design goals should go beyond basic aethetics, they should focus on a good user experience that allows your customers to easily contact you, sign up for a newsletter or purchase your product based on what they learned, like and trust about your brand!

I’ve created San Luis Obispo’s first and only web design firm that specializes in creating website designs and content that your ideal customer, client, or patient actually craves!  I’ve spent time learning where to place content in a web design to help your ideal customer efficiently navigate and consume your valuable content. Building an audience of raving fans for that content, over days, weeks, months, and in some industries years, effectively develops a REAL brand.

This Content Marketing Launch Program is for any industry who wishes to deliver more than a fancy logo and flashy web design.  Through my four-phase system, you can identify what makes you different from your competitors, what unique value you provide your ideal customers and what can help leverage higher profits through your new web design.

Your ideal customer wants to get to know your back story; why you do what you do!  They may be curious to hear what your passions are, why you started your business and who you prefer to work with most.  Such details can be critical to share with your audience. Being “right” for your best customer might mean being wrong for others. That’s okay, as long as you can effectively communicate what you offer and connect with those who are best served by what you offer. Here’s where I come in…

I don’t work with just anyone.  If you’re looking for cheap web design with unplanned content, I’m not the right web designer for you. If you’re looking for the most expensive web designer in San Luis Obispo County without any strategy, I’m not the right web designer for you.  But if you’re interested in delivering real value to a specific audience and seeing scalable results, then Central Coast Digital Design is the best design company for you! We take a straight forward, build-your-audience-and-rank-high-on-google approach. Find out if our design services are a good fit for your company with a complimentary 20 minute consultation. I can provide not only an appealing landing space but an effective design, true to your brand identity that leads the right customers to your product or service.


How Web Design & Content Increase Your Sales

Your web design content:

Must be clear

It’s not enough to hire a graphic designer to produce a logo that speaks to your brand. While that’s a great start, it’s the content on your website, not the web design itself, that hold the REAL value to your ideal customer, client, or patient.

Must be honest

Honesty in marketing is of paramount importance. As the hub of your marketing efforts, your website must be built on a strong foundation of truthfulness. The content on your website must reflect who you are and what you do differently from others in your industry.

Must be believable

Just because your website content is honest, doesn’t make it believable. Testimonial links and reviews ensure trust, which generates loyal customers.

Must be memorable

What makes you memorable? Do you think your ideal customer is impressed with your logo? Maybe. Do you think they appreciate the clean, elegant design of your new website? Perhaps. But what if your website’s content doesn’t set you apart?

Considering Web Designers in SLO, CA?

A few words to help you understand web design pricing:

Web design, in and of itself, might seem like a standard concept. But you know what isn’t a standard concept? A web designer who helps you tell your unique story through the content placed on your new website. Some web designers in San Luis Obispo might be confused if I said that websites, and web design, are commodities. Web design has become ubiquitous, and as such, web designers have found lots of job security. How do you distinguish a great web designer from the status quo in San Luis Obispo, CA? A great web designer will help you learn why they do web design! I do web design because I have a passion for business development. I enjoy growing businesses and empowering them to be the best version that they can be! My background in martial arts and wrestling is part of what shapes my marketing philosophy. The ever evolving strategy to overcome challenges created by the unpredictable nature of what your competitors may do. My client’s success drives me!

As the demand for search engine optimized websites rise, so does the expectation that every business should have a website. Now “search engine optimizers,” meaning professionals who are skilled at gaining online exposure for your website, are in high demand. These professionals promise to rank your website on Google and other major search engines. Web designers are using words like “SEO” as the acronym for search engine optimization, promising to rank your website through their so-called “coding.” Often times business owners and professionals like yourself see the value of having more than just a website designed by a local web designer. But how can you determine if the search engine optimizer you hire has your long term goals in mind or is just implementing temporary fads and tricks to boost your ranking?

Website Design Process for Most in SLO, CA:

Let me explain the process many local web design companies use in San Luis Obispo County. The web design process includes collaborating with you to make sure that your brand, your company culture, and your marketing goals are all clearly outlined so that the web design can reflect these virtues. Your web design should flow according to what makes you different. The web design should be easy to navigate and allow your ideal customer to satisfy the reason for their visit to your new website. Notice I said the website should be easy to use, but not just for anyone. Your web design must have the features and benefits your ideal customer is looking for. Too often, the most important element of web design is completely missing from the typical process of website design and development firms here in San Luis Obispo, CA. This most essential element is what fills the void in your web design. Attractive web design is truly worthless without the most important thing, the reason why your ideal customer comes to your website in the first place: content.

A content strategy is what any great web designer will put first.

Before you delve into an in-depth web design “process,” consideration must be taken as to why you’re doing web design, who you’re doing web design for, and how you will display the most important part of your website; the content. Many web design firms in San Luis Obispo, CA can design you an amazing logo. They can create the web design of your dreams. Some of the elite web designers in San Luis Obispo can even help you promote the best web design for your ideal customer if they happen to know your industry well enough. The issue many web designers face is that they can’t easily relate to your ideal customer and distinguish a message that helps differentiate you in a way that satisfies the four elements of effective marketing.

Website designers in San Luis Obispo, CA
What Distinguishes Central Coast Digital Design?

Website designers in San Luis Obispo come in all shapes and sizes. Some web design firms in San Luis Obispo, CA position themselves as boutique web designers who can design brilliant marketing collateral with exquisite graphic design skills. One of the reasons why I built my SLO web design company was to help businesses actually lift sales. I’m not going to woo you with fancy web designs that carry extra expenses. Content marketing, search engine optimization, and pay per click management services are services which are inextricably tethered to your web design and ultimately your website success. At Central Coast Digital Design, we are passionately committed to staying on the cutting edge of these important services to provide you the best, most current, revenue generating skills in the industry.

I’ve spent years in San Luis Obispo, building relationships with amazing graphic designers who can deliver an artful approach; but if a website design doesn’t lift profits, it’s making a detour from the main reason business owners search for web design services. Most San Luis Obispo County business owners are looking for more clients or customers. By focusing on graphic design, you can capture a portion of your market; however, by focusing on a clean, easy to navigate web design, you’re heading in the direction of acheiving your business goals. By considering these key questions, you’ll be in a superior position to know which web designer in San Luis Obispo to select:

  • How many people are searching for your products of services in San Luis Obispo, CA?
  • How many people are searching for your products in all of SLO County?
  • How many people are searching for what you offer nationally or worldwide?
  • What is the lifetime value of your ideal client or customer?
  • What kinds of keywords does your ideal client of customer enter into search engines?
  • What makes you different? What different story can your website tell?
  • Is a website really what will help you achieve your goals? How important is web design for your marketing strategy?
  • Do you have unique ideas you can share on your website on a regular basis?
  • What causes you to choose one web design company over another?
  • What causes your customers to choose you or your competitor?
  • How does a website design play a role in helping you find the answer?
  • What are your long term website goals?
  • What are your long term business goals?
  • Do you have a marketing strategy, or is a website or web redesign something that you just want to try?
  • Would you appreciate a web design firm in San Luis Obispo that takes your revenue to the next level, or do you just want someone to build you a website as cheaply as possible?
  • Do you get quotes for websites, but not fully understand why web design is priced differently?
  • Are you trying to attract customers who are concerned with price only?
  • Would you consider hiring a web designer who has experience with taking San Luis Obispo County businesses to the next level?
  • Have you thought of expanding your website’s presence past San Luis Obispo, CA?

Most San Luis Obispo based business owners consider these types of questions before speaking with Central Coast Digital Design. If you feel like some of these questions help move you in the right direction, try noting what you’d like to learn from a web designer who’s focus is profitable business growth. If you feel strongly that a web design should be fancy, that aesthetics rule regardless of functional concern, that the content on your web design doesn’t need to speak to your ideal customer or client, or that you’re looking for the cheapest web design possible, we won’t be a good fit.

But if you’d like to take your current website to the next level or design an ideal website for your best customers, with ongoing, consistent delivery of value, then Central Coast Digital Design is a great fit. Call us for an introductory conversation about how to take your website to the next level.

Website Design is Successful with:


Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website more visible on search engines for the keywords which your ideal customer is already entering. Your website design needs to speak clearly to these ideal customers and it’s the content within your web design which will deliver the value searcher’s are looking for. By educating and entertaining your best customers and prospects, your website will offer a truly remarkable experience which promotes you as memorable. Search engines naturally rank your website higher when you offer some value.


Pay Per Click Advertising can take place on Google, on facebook and a variety of other websites. By promoting your message in the right way, at the right time, with the right content that your ideal customer wants from your website, you’ll leverage the power of the internet without incurring costs from advertising which is unproven. With Pay Per Click Advertising you’re only paying for ads which yield a “click,” or a new visitor to your website. This allows you to also spread your message far and wide to only those most interested in what you have to offer them.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of content which your ideal client actually craves. For more information on how your business can produce website content which keeps people coming back for more information on your website, feel free to contact me at (805) 234-5431 or signup with your email address in the form below:

Whomever you decide is the best web designer in San Luis Obispo to help you meet your goals, I hope this information proves useful in your journey. If you’d like to learn more about what kind of website design will best help you meet your goals, feel free to contact me and ask a few questions about my Content Marketing Launch Program! It could completely change the way you approach choosing a web designer in San Luis Obispo!

My Mission Statement

Justin Morgan
Web Designer in San Luis Obispo, CA

Justin, founder of Central Coast Digital Design is dedicated to providing business owners in San Luis Obispo County the education needed to take their web design from a piece of art to a profit center. By focusing on training you and your staff to easily, efficiently and effectively create content that your ideal customer craves, Justin helps SLO County business owners like yourself to differentiate, build an audience of raving fans, promote content on search engines and help ideal customers come to know, like and trust your brand over all other options. It is Justin’s goal to help you find scalable, repeatable, easy-to-implement systems which allow you to distribute and promote the ideal message to your ideal customer in the most effective manner possible.

Are you ready to discuss how to best place content within the web design you already have? Are you looking for web design services in San Luis Obispo, CA for a new website that will lead to higher profits? Either way, I’d love to chat with you to see if my proven, repeatable system is a good fit for your web design and business goals!