How outsourcing your work can scale your online business

A lot of people have great success online marketing and can make great income online. Often business owners will hit a plateau in their earnings and it will be hard to scale their income. The best way to scale any online business is to outsource all the time consuming tasks to qualified people and spend […]

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Benefits of Paying an SEO San Luis obispo Consultant

A very real and valid dilemma for many small online businesses is whether or not to hire a qualified SEO San Luis Obispo consultant to carry out work on their site. It can be an expensive process, and many small businesses feel that if they simply try and do bits here and bits there, they […]

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Invest in Affordable Website Design

Almost everyone now realizes that the best way to reach out to bigger markets and more customers is by advertising online and that happens through websites. Now, designing a website might sound easy to some but it is a lot of work, planning, effective application of those plans clubbed together to yield the output that […]

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Keywords in Domain Name. What’s the SEO value?

Recently, I met a client who had over 100 domain names for his single business.  He bought the domain names, which were premium .com’s which had some valuable keywords in them, with the intent of ranking highly for the keywords in Google’s search index.  Long story short, the campaign for all these keywords was as […]

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SEO is D.E.A.D.

That’s right.  Search Engine Optimization is dead as dead can be.  And it has been for a long, looooong time.  Among all of us with half a brain, we new what was coming.  And for years, Google did nothing to stop it.  Spammers, hackers, and self-appointed “SEO Experts” made their way onto the scene like a […]

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