SEO is D.E.A.D.

That’s right.  Search Engine Optimization is dead as dead can be.  And it has been for a long, looooong time.  Among all of us with half a brain, we new what was coming.  And for years, Google did nothing to stop it.  Spammers, hackers, and self-appointed “SEO Experts” made their way onto the scene like a fox arrives at the hen house.  And they did their manipulative link schemes that no true SEO expert could have ever thought were effective.

And so, the claims that SEO is dead fill the internet.  And they’re right.  Sort of.  They’re right on the count that this whole era of fake online reviews, useless social bookmarking, link buying, spamming, phony forum account creations with zero posts, keyword stuffing, keyword cloaking, exact match anchor text, unnatural and excessive backlinking schemes, misuse of meta data and rel-c tags, “spun” content and overall manipulation and exploitation of search engine algorithms is, and has been for quite some time, D.E.A.D.

Recently it became clear that the use of unscrupulous and manipulative SEO schemes, which added little to no actual value to a website, were caught by the most recent Google Hummingbird algorithm updates.  Even the more sphisticated “grey hat” SEO Companies have found themselves getting de-indexed as a result of their claim to fame – building a websites search engine rankings without actually adding value to the audience on the website.  So what is Google’s response?

Bing and Yahoo, and believe it or not, YouTube as well, haven’t caught up to the times.  But Google has made it clear that they are only going to highly index websites which provide true value to users.  No more buying 50,000 links for $30 and ranking #1 for “lawyer san luis obispo,” anymore.  No more over-optimizing a page to rank for a “vanilla extract,” either.  No more “SEO tricks” or “secrets” that the self professed experts try to pass off as their secret SEO juice.  The snake oil that was once considered SEO is as dead as it ever was.  What has taken over is real SEO, which has everything to do with building a website’s authority to matters relevant to the products and services being offered.  And effectively and strategically delivering the evidence of this authority in a manner which is easy for the Google bots to pick up on.  In a nutshell, we have to give internet searchers exactly what they want when they search for a specific query.  We need to utilize a natural, authentic and helpful approach to gaining a real relationship with our customers.  We have to deliver good customer service in a way that Google recognizes.  And we need to provide the best overall user experience.

Give searchers what they want.  And prove it to Google. In turn, Google will reward you with higher rankings.  It’s as simple as that.

So here’s to another death dealing blow to the SEO snake oil being offered all over the internet.  Get a life, phonies.  And learn that real SEO takes an integrated marketing approach which takes into consideration the needs of the consumer.  At Central Coast Digital Design, we help get you there.  Feel free to peruse our site and notice that we’ve done everything we can to make your experience meaningful and pleasant.  Which is why Google has us at the #1 position for keywords like “seo San Luis Obispo.”  We take this same approach when designing or redesigning websites and integrating SEO solutions for our clients.  Isn’t it time we all forget about SEO for the sake of SEO, and instead focus on giving searchers exactly what they want?


Justin Morgan is the founder of Central Coast Digital Design, the #1 ranked SEO Agency in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties.