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We're Pioneers of eCommerce Marketing Solutions

  • Central Coast Digital Design is the first and only Certified Pay Per Click Management Firm which specializes in eCommerce Marketing Solutions in San Luis Obispo, CA.  And always has been.
  • Central Coast Digital Design is the first and only eCommerce Advertising Company ranked #1 on Google for 'San Luis Obispo SEO' related keywords.  And always has been.
  • Central Coast Digital Design is the first and only SEO provider in San Luis Obispo that creates eCommerce platforms that you actually own rights to, and we don't lock you into a long term contract.  There is no fee to switch hosting or move your website elsewhere.  And that's how we've always done business.
  • Central Coast Digital Design is the only San Luis Obispo eCommerce Marketing Company which can verify a 92% client retention rate.

"We offer eCommerce marketing solutions exclusively to those companies who take their business seriously.  If you're serious about increasing your sales, you've found the best partner money can buy."
Marketing Director, Justin Morgan

Some of our eCommerce Marketing Strategies:

If you own a business that uses the Internet to generate even a portion of your revenue, you owe it to yourself to check out the latest figures and sales statistics from Black Friday and Cyber Monday. One of the biggest takeaways from these events the past several years has been the incredible performance of mobile marketing. Major retailers like Amazon and eBay have been posting 20-30% increases in mobile shopping annually for several years now. Central Coast Digital Design can help your business take advantage of these same trends by providing you affordable ecommerce solutions, and assisting you with updating and integrating ecommerce website design into your current site. Here are three reasons to really consider making an investment into ecommerce solutions for your business:

  • New Revenue – Many people these days exclusively shop online. It can allow them to avoid paying local taxes, it ensures prices will always be competitive and low, and it is more convenient than driving around from store to store. By following sound ecommerce website design practices, your business can capture a share of this online revenue.
  • New Customers – While the ways in which people shop have changed, who is doing the shopping has also changed. As newer, more tech-savvy consumers enter the marketplace, an increasing number of purchases are being driven by social media and word of mouth among the younger crowd. Ecommerce solutions can help you address and capture this new demographic.
  • Don’t Be Left Behind – Sooner or later, having a friendly ecommerce website design will just be expected. Much as if you might be baffled if you encountered a business who didn’t feel they needed to operate a telephone line, not having functional ecommerce website design will eventually appear the same way to customers. Don’t appear left behind, irrelevant, and out of date; invest in ecommerce solutions now.

As you can see, there are some major reasons to consider making the change and implementing your ecommerce website design sooner rather than later. You’ll stay ahead of the curve of tech development if you move quickly enough, and more importantly you will be well positioned to capture a share of that ever-increasing mobile sales market that we’ve been hearing so much about. Central Coast Digital Design wants to be your partner to help assist you with ecommerce website design in and around San Luis Obispo, as well as with the implementation of whatever ecommerce solutions fit the needs of your business best. Please call us now for more information on how we can gain exposure for your eCommerce website.

eCommerce PPC ("Pay Per Click") Solutions:

Pay per click advertising – An Essential Part of Online Marketing and eCommerce Success!
If your business offers web design or other marketing products, you should definitely consider moving into the PPC field next if you are not already doing so. Paid advertising has shown enormous growth over the past number of years, and is poised to do even better moving forward. With Google making changes to their available data making organic SEO harder and harder to achieve and measure results with, PPC advertising continues to stand out as one of the most cost-effective marketing services on the planet.  Often, an eCommerce website will have a much more successful search engine optimization campaign when they first experiment with a PPC campaign.  One reason for this is because the eCommerce marketing team can recognize which keywords gain the desired metrics, particularly conversion rates.  By learning which keywords are the most lucrative, you're able to design a much more educated and sophisticated SEO strategy that will very likely be more cost effective.  Central Coast Digital Design is certified as a Google Adwords Qualified Individual to handle your eCommerce pay per click campaign.  So it isn't very rare for us to start off a search engine campaign with PPC just prior to targeting the organic listings that bring the most traffic over time.

Even if you don't work directly with Central Coast Digital Design, hiring a certified PPC manager is usually the first step in branching out into the world of paid advertising services. They will help you perform many critical functions, including:

  • Educate Your Team – Depending on how much you and the rest of your staff already know, you may need to learn a lot about how PPC works in order to effectively sell the services. A certified PPC manager is guaranteed to be an excellent source for ongoing education and development in this regard.
  • Upsell – A PPC manager will also be of great value in assisting your sales force in upselling your new PPC services. A PPC manager will have an intimate grasp of how PPC services function, meaning that they are an excellent candidate for quickly and concisely demonstrating the benefit of the services to other clients, effectively creating new revenue for you on existing accounts.
  • Keep Clients In-House – While no one business can provide every service a customer may be in need of, it is best to keep them in-house as long as possible. That is the reason web design services are so often married to online marketing; once you sell a customer a new web site, they will often be in need of someone to help promote and market it, right? Same reasoning goes for PPC advertising, and having a certified PPC manager can help you keep those customers around and raise additional revenue from them.

PPC is a natural complement to eCommerce services, web design, and other online marketing that is both cost effective and has an incredibly easy-to-measure ROI. If your business does not currently offer these services to clients, you are missing out on an incredible revenue stream. Hire a certified PPC manager to evaluate your business and help you figure out how to develop and market your own PPC product to your clients.  Central Coast Digital Design made sure to become the first and only Google Adwords Qualified Individual in San Luis Obispo that specializes in eCommerce solutions.

eCommerce Search Engine Optimization ("SEO") Solutions:

If you own a business, you are already most likely aware of the growing power of inbound marketing, and the importance of your organic SEO traffic. However, many people feel that SEO providers are essentially interchangeable, but they could not be more wrong. Here are three reasons to hire the best SEO company in San Luis Obispo:

  • Expertise – Much like any other white collar professional service, SEO guidelines change regularly. Having the most experienced team on your side means you will have access to the best current practices instead of older less effective techniques.
  • Focus – The best SEO company in San Luis Obispo has a real focus on SEO services; they aren’t a web designer who does SEO work on the side, it is their prime focus.
  • Results – Companies which dabble in SEO simply can’t show results on the same level as Central Coast Digital Design. Expertise and focus are directly translated into real-world results.

So if you are considering hiring a budget SEO provider, you may want to think again; would you hire the cheapest attorney, doctor, or accountant in town, or would you hire one with a dedicated track record of proven results instead? You make the call.