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Local SEO

Local SEO Services in San Luis Obispo

“Local SEO Companies just don’t get it.  It’s about increasing sales, not search traffic.  That’s why Central Coast Digital Design says that ‘local SEO is DEAD.’  Of all the Local SEO Firms in San Luis Obispo, Central Coast Digital Design is the only one that is a Google Adwords Qualified Individual in both Search Marketing and Display Advertising.  That means that we increase your sales because we’re San Luis Obispo’s ONLY certified search marketing experts.” -Justin Morgan, Marketing Director

Local SEO.  It’s the process of “getting ranked,” as they say.  But what good does it do to get ranked on top of the Google Map if those prospective customers aren’t clicking on your listing?  And what good is it to get ranked for a keyword that is relevant, but of 0 search volume?  What about the value of those searchers?  Do you know which keywords are converting?  Do you know where your most valued prospects are going to look for the products or services that your business offers?  Google, might be a logical answer.  But which keywords are they entering?  What if I told you that the search volume differences for only slightly different keywords is enormous?  Would you be interested in learning that a small difference in your target keywords can be the difference between local SEO success or failure?  Just having a top Google ranking for vanity purposes won’t do you any good.  It’s absolutely critical that you have San Luis Obispo’s ONLY Google Adwords Qualified Individual guide you through the process of keyword selection.  Before starting a local SEO comapign.  Below, is our local SEO Process:

Local SEO Research:

We’ll use the Google Certified keyword research tools that have brought us past success with our clientele.  We’ll make sure that you see the trends of Google searches and understand how search is relevant to your overall marketing plan.  We’ll even tell you what kind of return on investment you can reasonably expect from our local SEO efforts.  All before you pay a red cent.

Local SEO Strategy:

We’ll show you the overall strategy of how we think local SEO will help your business become more successful.  But first, we’ll have some questions about your current and past online and offline advertising efforts.  Once we’re well acquainted with what’s worked – and most importantly – what hasn’t worked in the past, we’ll be able to better help you find the highest ROI by augmenting your current marketing efforts with a local SEO plan that does things which other local SEO Companies cannot.  This might include things such as optimizing a TV commercial video you have to appear in Google search results.  Placing you in front of your target audience when they’re actively searching for your products or services.  This is just one example of the kind of comprehensive local SEO services that Central Coast Digital Design offers which other local SEO Firms simply don’t.

Local SEO Implementation:

We’re not going to promise the moon and the stars.  We’re going to be real with you about what kind of timelines and budgets must be allowed for you to find real success in online marketing.  After we have formed a custom estimate that fits your goals and budget, we’ll go to bat for you.  We’ll bring you the results that your company is looking for according to our expert assessment that we already discussed.  Are you looking for a complimentary local SEO estimate?  Please call our San Luis Obispo phone line that dials directly to our Founder and SEO Marketing Director, Justin (805) 234-5431

Local SEO Proof:

If you’re a San Luis Obispo County business owner and are interested in finding local SEO Companies that understand the essential nature that keyword research and reporting plays, you’re in the right place.  Whether you continue to search for ‘seo companies san luis obispo” or other local SEO related keywords, you’ll end up back here.  That’s hugely important for us to be ranked #1 on Google.  Why would you scroll down to look for the companies that couldn’t get themselves on top of Google’s search results?  It just makes sense to make the call (805) 234-5431