Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services

  • Why should I pay more for a Google Certified PPC Manager?

Pay Per Click Advertising (“PPC Ads”) are a deeply involved and highly technical profession of their own.  By hiring a Google Adwords Qualified Individual, you’re making sure that the person you’ve hired to maintain your campaign is a true expert.  You wouldn’t allow a person who is unlicensed to build your home, would you?  Likewise, building and maintaining a comprehensive PPC campaign is something that has caused many business owners to think that pay per click advertising “isn’t for them.”  That’s because when you hire the wrong person to handle your pay per click search marketing campaign, the cheaper management rates could end up costing you much more in advertising costs, over time.

  • Why should I hire you to build me a comprehensive PPC campaign when I can just set up Adwords Express, myself?

Our PPC Management Services are like Adwords Express on steroids.  Whatever results you’ve seen, you’re going to see 10 times the return on investment with a professional running a comprehensive pay per click campaign.  Adwords Express runs off of the content offered on your website.  But what if your content isn’t appealing to your best prospective clients, and answering their questions on the issues they care about?  In that case, your pay per click campaign will suffer, because the automated program will not provide the best keyword targeting.  There are hundreds of examples like this.  The bottom line is that Adwords Express is not an optimized or professional form of pay per click management, and over time your results are likely to suffer due to “automated” optimization.  The automatic, topic-based keyword bidding system doesn’t optimize in a way that saves you money.  It doesn’t learn, so to speak.  It also doesn’t optimize for conversion and  cares not about the return on investment involved with your campaign.  Worst of all, running Adwords on autopilot can cause grave losses that dwarf those associated with hiring the wrong person to run your Adwords Campaign.  This is because Adwords can be can potentially be great for clicks that convert, but utterly useless for those clicks which are not optimized by a certified expert.  Those clicks simply waste your precious budget.  There is also a “shot gun” approach to pay per click marketing employed by automated platforms such as Adwords Express.  When I say “shot gun” approach to marketing, I’m talking about a marketing strategy (usually with an unreal amount of money to burn) that hopes to land something, somewhere.  It’s a flawed attitude that gives rise to a complacency that if business is going ok, then something is working.  It’s the philosophy that if there exist some clicks, that’s all that can be done, for now.  Therefore, business owners often pay for copious amounts of clicks without understanding whether it’s helping them or not.  But, pay per click ads were not meant to just get clicks.  Trying to get “hits” on your website is often unfruitful for hard working business owners who have their own duties to tend to.  Also, the lack of analytics and in depth professional analysis can cause business owners to think they’re seeing results that are actually caused from other forms of advertising.  The most interesting part of running this new Google program is that Central Coast Digital Design can get you set up with the exact same ads organically.  at Adwords Express often charges for “map” listings of which the clicks are free with Central Coast Digital Design.  Only the most lucrative keywords will be targeted by our keyword research professionals.  Adwords Express campaigns are run by Google, themselves.  They have an incentive to drive up costs that Central Coast Digital Design can reduce.  Instances where unpaid clicks would serve more useful are replaced by paid ads, simply because Google wants to get into your pocketbook.  Another issue is that fraudulent or invalid clicks are common among automated software. It’s important to have an accountable company, who isn’t interested in making Google extra money at your expense, be in charge of your PPC campaign.  In short, this is a science that we’ve mastered.  And Central Coast Digital Design is San Luis Obispo’s only master of this science.  But not because we say so.  After all, if you were in a room full of self-professed pay per click “management firms,” in San Luis Obispo County, how many would raise their hand and say that they’re “masters” of the craft?  All of them.  But now take the same group and ask them if they’re certified by Bing, Yahoo, and Google.  How many hands are raised now?  Just one.  And the contact information is right at the top of this screen, just in case you need some additional proof.  Because one of our certified pay per click managers, including the founder of this company, will help give you information on your specific Adwords account, which will help you determine if it’s even worth hiring us.  No high pressure salesmen calling you about a great “sale” or “special deal.”  Just honest, proficient pay per click managers with a wealth of experience and an attitude that we treat every penny you invest in this company as though it were our own.  And if we decide that we’d be a good fit for you, you’ll see a return on investment of about $10 for every $1 spent.  That 1-10 ratio of ROI is what Central Coast Digital Design’s clients see.  Please check out our Testimonials.

  • Why do you recommend paying “per click” when you can get me ranked in the unpaid (organic) listings?

It’s important for a professional search marketer to assess your short term and long term goals, considering factors such as immediate budget and time allowable to see a return on investment.  When assessing such matters, it may be advisable to run a sponsored search campaign in order to test the effectiveness of specific keyword groups and topics.  This way, you’ll be sure that your SEO Expert will target all the SEO firepower in the most lucrative direction.  There are also certain types of scenarios where a sponsored search ad could prove more lucrative than an organic listing.  For instance, mobile searchers might tend to click a paid ad because it involves less scrolling (and therefore more credibility in mobile search) than the organic listing, in the 3rd position on a mobile phone.  Display ads are also a huge branding tool, as are contextual ads in Google’s content network.  These ads can be displayed on a pay per click basis, and prove to provide much unpaid branding and awareness that is targeted only towards those individuals who are your most valuable prospective clients.  Only a certified search marketing specialist can decide what role, if any, pay per click advertising should play in your overall marketing strategy.  Please Contact Us if you’d like to follow-up with some additional questions.

  • I’m running my own Adwords Campaign.  Can you help me assess it’s effectiveness?

Of course!  We can audit PPC campaigns and provide reporting and tips on how to improve your campaign, potentially saving you the lion’s share of your PPC budget.

Central Coast Digital Design is home to the first and only Google Adwords Qualified Individual in San Luis Obispo, CA.* (click on badges above for 3rd party proof)

* As of January 1st, 2014.  Of the 30 SEO Companies within San Luis Obispo County, any one of them can attempt to become a Google Partner and become certified.  In good faith, we check periodically to ensure that we’re still #1.  But just in case this information is out-dated, we apologize.

Additional info about Pay Per Click Management:


At Central Coast Digital Design, only our qualified professionals will carefully craft your pay-per-click campaign. And since we’re the only pay per click management firm that specializes in Search Engine Advertising, you’re in good hands. Bringing you new customers and increased return on your investment. Please give us a call to find out why Google says we’re the first and only pay per click management firm that is certified as a PPC Management Expert.

Pay Per Click Management Companies in San Luis Obispo and surrounding areas should have a way of proving they are competent to deal with your advertising dollars.  We believe we bear the burden of proving that we are more than competent, but proficient. That’s why we became the only Google, Bing and Yahoo approved Pay Per Click Management Company within San Luis Obispo City. One of the reasons why we are so confident that your advertising budget will go further here than with any other firm is because we don’t engage in the industry standard of pawning your campaign off to an employee who is unqualified by Google Inc.  With us, your campaign manager is personally vetted by the impartial and unbiased expert panel at Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Everything from video, animated banner or box ads, static banners, and all kinds of attractive ad copywriting is available by our expert team. There is no set-and-forget style maintenance, here. Our founder, Justin Morgan, is both competent and passionate while he personally reviews every Pay Per Click Campaign.  At Central Coast Digital Design, we stand out by helping you make a fully informed decision on which keywords are of the highest value to you.  Taking into consideration your budget, the competition level in your industry, and your business goals, we will form a cohesive and detailed pay per click plan with you.

  • National Branding Campaigns for eCommerce
  • Social Media Exposure
  • YouTube Commercials and Banner Ads
  • Re-targeting (Remarketing) Past Leads
  • Recovering Lost Prospective Customers
  • Serving Ads to Certain Geographic Areas
  • Ongoing Campaign Monitoring
  • Geometric Proof of Performance and ROI
  • Targeted Exposure across multiple Search Engines
  • Contextual Search Advertisements (“Adwords”)
  • Laser-targeting of specific, high quality prospects.


Additional Information about Pay Per Click Management:

We specialize in forming cohesive pay per click campaigns that are driven by fast return on investment and a long term plan that takes into consideration the demands of your target audience. We are the only San Luis Obispo PPC Management Company that has provided both sole proprietors and national corporations display PPC ads. This is due to our sliding scale price point that eliminates barriers into the professionally-maintained pay per click marketplace.