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Looking to showcase your latest project or advertise your business?


Prior to creating the perfect site for your business, we will work with you to pinpoint the exact features that will help your business achieve its goals. By planning ahead and prototyping the features you need, we don’t waste any time or add unnecessary costs.


As a team composed of developers with 30+ years of combined experience, we make sure that your site from initial prototyping to final delivery is a stress-free process. With an individual-based approach, we custom fit solutions based on your specific business needs.


By working with Central Coast Digital Designs, you will receive a final product that exceeds your expectations. With full integration of platforms like Google and Facebook, your site will not only look great, but will be set up to give your business the best results.



100% Custom Design, Specifically Made For Your Business.

One of the main reasons you should work with CCDD is that we don’t cut corners. We make sure that every aspect of your business is represented with solutions custom tailored to achieve the business goals you envision.


30+ Years Combined Development Experience.

Our team has been involved in a variety of development projects, from E-Commerce to large corporate sites. With a diverse skillset, our team is able to provide you solutions of any kind. From designing brands from scratch, to advanced web-apps and advertising, we can provide any solution your business needs.


Detail Oriented Approach.

We value quality over quantity, and never over-schedule our team. We make sure that your project receives the utmost care and ensure the highest quality for your business. Ready to grow your business? Submit the contact form below.


Beautiful, goal oriented design is the key to a successful website.

Unique design

With potential customers visiting your site to learn about your business and the services you offer, first impressions are everything. A good first impression can make all the difference in a customer deciding between your business and your competitors. With focus centered around user experience, we make sure your prospective customers have easy access to the information they need to convert them from a visitor, into a paying customer. In order to stand out from the competition, we provide your business the tool it needs to showcase the aspects of your business that make it unique. We will never use templates, as this only does more harm than good for your brand’s image.


With a diverse skillset, our team provides your business with innovative solutions. Not only will we implement your ideas, we will also leverage our experience to help bring your ideas to the next level. With features that are visually stunning and equally useful, we will make sure your customers have the best possible experience.



Your Website, How You Want It.

With your site functionality requirements clearly laid out, we’ll start with the design process and include your input at each stage to assure that your site meets all your needs. Once we deliver the final design, you will give final approval prior to beginning the coding process.


Designed To Bring You Customers.

With your customer in mind, we make sure your site is visually engaging to get the most out of every website visit. By showing what makes your business unique, you will be able to set yourself apart from the competition and turn website visitors into paying customers.


Design Meets Functionality.

Our custom designed sites can also be configured to allow you to manage the site with your preferred content management system, such as Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, and many others. With these content management systems, you can easily manage content like blog posts, products, or events, and focus on growing your business.

Mobile apps for IOS & android

Ready to take your business to the next level with your own mobile app?

Welcome To The World Of Mobile

With the majority of users spending most of their time online on mobile apps, a mobile app is an important aspect of your business. With increased interactions with your business, your app will be useful and a significant tool for your growth.

As an extension of your business, your mobile application needs to perform flawlessly and provide your customers with an experience that drives sales and builds brand awareness.

Ready to expand your business into the mobile app world? With cross-platform applications, you can provide your customers a seamless interaction with your brand on any mobile device. Whether your required application is complex or simple, CCDD can help you navigate the options.

Our Mobile Applications

Our developers are experienced in many coding languages and are capable of creating:

applications for



applications for



The Apple iOS platform is one of the leading platforms in the mobile industry due to their large offering of innovative mobile devices and applications.

With 45% of all mobile users in the US using the iphone and other IOS devices, IOS apps are crucial to the success of a mobile app.


The Android world is largely unregulated due to the ease of downloading apps, as not all apps need to be featured on the Google Play Store to be downloaded. Due to the wide variety of devices operating the open source Android software, rigorous testing is required to make sure that your Android app operates flawlessly across 24,000 unique Android devices.

With much of the world primarily being Android based, an Android app gives your business the ability to grow in areas outside of the United States.

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